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Welcome to my blog!

I love food. Its just that simple. And while I am known for being picky – turned vegetarian – there are few things that bring me such joy as a delicious meal followed by a delightful dessert. The worst part of the day for me is when I am full, when dinner is done, dessert has been eaten and all I can look forward to is tomorrow’s breakfast.

While most people prefer to go out for a drink I prefer to order dessert regardless of where we are. “Drink away your daily caloric intake naive friends of mine, and I will savor every bite of this rich delicious hot fudge sauce smothered over a cool and creamy scoop of heaven.”

I often thought I would some how end up in the food industry (outside the seven years of waiting tables to pay for a degree in marketing). I tried culinary school for a couple weeks, but it wasn’t the same, I prefer to do it as a hobby for simple satisfaction. There is something to be said about the satisfaction that comes from plating that picture perfect tenderloin for company, the fried egg sandwich with the just right amount of ooze in the yolk as a quick lunch or the final dusting of confectionary sugar on a fruit covered dessert. It just feels right.

So, while I am pursuing my career in real estate, I can share my passion for cooking and baking with the world of wordpress. Enjoy!

Here’s to dessert!


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